Let It Hang – DIY Inspiration


For those of us that dwell in small spaces, the pendant light concept was literally a life saving idea.  Sometimes space doesn’t exist on the floor in our designated reading nook (better known as the 4 x 4 space between the bed and the window). Sometimes contractors offer up built in lighting but more than likely they offer you excess amounts of randoms outlets no where near said designated reading nook.  Whatever varying situation you’ve found yourself in to where pendant lighting becomes your saving grace, I am here to offer up a dizzying array of DIY’s for every kind of uber cool pendant light you can make.  So check out the list, find your favorite and don’t forget to stop by a few stores for supplies on your way home because come Saturday night you will have a decorative new light show off….or sit under as you catch up on tv shows with a fancy cocktail.

…atleast that’s how I plan on using mine…






Happy crafting!!


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