Coach_019_1366.450x675 Coach_001_1366.450x675 Coach_002_1366.450x675 Coach_003_1366.450x675 Coach_004_1366.450x675 Coach_005_1366.450x675 Coach_006_1366.450x675 Coach_007_1366.450x675 Coach_008_1366.450x675 Coach_009_1366.450x675 Coach_010_1366.450x675 Coach_011_1366.450x675 Coach_012_1366.450x675 Coach_013_1366.450x675 Coach_014_1366.450x675 Coach_015_1366.450x675 Coach_016_1366.450x675 Coach_017_1366.450x675 Coach_018_1366.450x675

If only Coach trickled down the attitude seen here in there Fall 2014 Collection into their retail outlets.  No matter what their seasonal presentation looks like, the campaign and in store visuals never manage to say the same thing and I can’t help but instantly become disinterested when all i see are the standard issue monogrammed bags and unassuming leather satchels.  I personally find it disappointing since they clearly seem to be speaking to me. Moody and mysterious, biker chic details, supple leather, fringe and shearling…..all of those urbane girl details that resonate but hey, if they can’t keep the message going all the way down the chain then I can’t make it a point to remember that amazing last look come August as much as I may want to.  None the less I had to share just so we all could admire the cool factor Coach could have.


One thought on “Iconic

  1. This is so true… I hope coach somehow makes this work in the coming seasons. This collection is so promising!


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