DIY Leather Link Bracelet


This past weekend was freezing cold, snowy and icy….the perfect combination for a DIY.  Using some beautiful pink leather I had lying around and a few droplets of everyone’s favorite E6000 I now have a great addition to my ever growing arm party arsenal. And with the polar vortex still in play, this upcoming weekend may just be the perfect time for you to give this a whirl.


  • Scrap Leather
  • E6000
  • Bracelet/Necklace Fastener
  • Jump Rings
  • Scissors



    • Cut the scrap leather into 14  1/4 inch wide strips and 14 strips a bit smaller than that.  Both sets should be no longer than 5 inches long
    • Take the wider of the two strips, loop it over adding a dollop of glue on one end.  Press the other end over it and hold until it stays
    • Now take one of the thinner strips, slip it through the loop just made and repeat the previous step. Continue making loops alternating between strip widths until all strips are used or the length is sufficient enough.

One the bracelet is long enough use jump rings to secure a lobster claw or toggle fastener and rock your new bracelet

This DIY is a bit more time consuming than most thanks to the gluing of each individual loop but the end result is beautiful and its really too cold outside so why not just stay inside.

Happy Crafting and see you next post!!


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