New Year New Home Shopping Guide


Right about the Hubby and I have just finished building 4 IKEA pieces, purged over a ton of “why the hell do we still have this…” stuff and are finally looking at our apartment as, well an actual apartment versus the space between some walls where we eat and sleep.  It’s a great way to start off the new year and with all this newly acquired space a little decorating can actually take place.  Which brings me to my bargain shopping alter ego and why instead of wasting time trying to find that Isabel Marant dress you’ve been stalking since Spring 2013, you should be putting in a little effort turning your abode into the sanctuary it wants to be.

You may be thinking that Marant dress costs way less than a new outfit for the bed but believe it or not you can find a few amazing pieces to spread throughout your home without even coming close to the cost of that one item on Net-A-Porter that’s not even your size and requires those shoes you’ve also been stalking to complete the look.  Starting with Target I’ve found over 15 home goods that not only add a pop of color into your space, but could lend a sophisticated hand or offer your a chic way of presenting your famous dip assortments at your next get together.

Check them out below and click the links at the end to shop.






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