Style Hijack 007


Secret album release  aside, the only thing I can possibly think about when it comes to Beyonce is her amazing style lately…especially when it comes to the head to toe prints.  This is not to say that she never had  a great sense of style but between her Instagram and all the street style snaps, its more apparent than ever that her closet should really be featured on The Coveteur.  With New Years Eve approaching and my plans to spend it in a rather frigid destination, I’ve been looking for outfit inspiration.  The idea of saying no to the usual sequins and wearing something that will actually cover my limbs has put me on the hunt a chic, printed duo.

Feeling the same way?  Check out the lovely pairs I’ve found below and happy shopping!!


  1. Black & White Leopard Print Jumpsuit
  2. Red Printed Jumper and Leggings Duo
  3. Black & White Brocade Short Suit
  4. Graphic PJ Shirt and Pant Suit
  5. Floral Print Boiler Suit




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