Pre Fall 2014 Fashion Trends

Kors_007_1366.450x675Michael Kors Pre-Fall 2014

Its pretty easy to get wrapped up in all the hype that is the Spring and Fall fashion week frenzy.  Whether its Milan or New York City, the masses all flock to the destination and clog the city arteries with mega zoom lense cameras and designer heels.  The actual collections over the years have taken a back seat to the sidewalk commotion and its pretty understandable why some major fashion houses have decided to opt out with more secluded and personal presentations of their seasonal fashions.  Enter in Resort and Pre-Fall, a much more minimalist approach to spring and fall with us the consumer in mind.  Not only do these two collections hit stores before the much anticipated seasonal assortment but they offer a transitional look to seasons with interchangeable pieces good for time of the year.

“It has become the season you sell the most clothes,” Michael Kors told US Vogue at his pre-fall presentation earlier this week, “And they’re clothes that can be whatever season you want them to be. Often it just depends on what’s on your feet.”

Opening_Ceremony_020_1366.450x675Opening Ceremony Pre-Fall 2014

The collections are more commercial meaning more wearable and usually do better than their sensationalized counterparts despite being given very little press time from already booked magazine editors and fashion bloggers.  With haute couture constantly loosing its following one unfortunate passing at a time, is this the beginning of a whole new dawn?  Will our Spring and Fall RTW collections become the neo-couture with the bridge collections becoming the new presentations to watch?  I kind of doubt it but one thing is for sure, they won’t be going anywhere so long as these pieces continue to sell out quick.  And with that lets jump right into the Pre-Fall 2014 and the trends we’ll be shopping in July and August.













anklelengthCollageSo at the end of the day, when the heat really kicks in and the air conditioner never manages to get turned off these trends are going to find their way into stores and eventually in your closet. With the overall Parisian cool vibe oozing out of these trends, I’m pretty sure this Pre-Fall will be extremely successful. Other trends of note included:

  • Bow detailing
  • Lace
  • Native influences
  • Modern skorts
  • Menswear inspired shoes
  • Riding Boots/Attire
  • Ruffles
  • Prairie dresses/skirts
  • Flared pant legs

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