DIY Adjustable Wire Beaded Bangles – Round 2

nbaubles 751

I always wonder why during the worst time of the year for retail, corporate head honchos always want to come and tour the stores in their district.  Stop in and see how every is going or what’s not going.  It never fails and these past couple of weeks has been exactly that at work.  Now I’m not one to get frazzled before a visit but you can’t help but become affected by the mood of others especially when by others you mean almost 90% of the store.  Outside of remembering to breathe during a fellow employee’s freakout, I have found that by doing a bit of beading on my lunch break with a cup of coffee does wonders for a fragile state of mind.

Enter the adjustable beaded wire bracelet above and the DIY tutorial below.  Alex and Ani bracelets are even more popular than ever and now they offer much more than your standard issue brass wire bangle with charm.  Now its all about the Energy Collection which comes fully beaded and wraps around your wrist more than once.  It was that particular collection that inspired me to make this bracelet and since I loved how it came out I decided to make some more and share.

nbaubles 759 nbaubles 749 nbaubles 760

Buy This:

  • Beads
  • Bracelet Memory Wire
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Wire Cutters
  • Charm (optional)

Now Do This:

A few notes before we get started, a lot of people have asked what wire I used in the first DIY Adjustable Wire Bracelet Tutorial and I just wanted to make sure I told you for this one.  I ended up going with Beadalon’s Round (.025 in) Memory Wire for a large bracelet.  The wire is silver plated, rigid and comes coiled in a bag. The style number is 347B-050.

nbaubles 761 nbaubles 766 nbaubles 768 nbaubles 770 nbaubles 773 nbaubles 776 nbaubles 779 nbaubles 780 nbaubles 781

  • Cut your wire so that you have 2-3 coils.  You just have to think about how many times you want the bracelet to wrap around your wrist
  • Using your round nose pliers, create a closed loop on one end
  • Begin beading the wire with your chosen beads
  • Once you are done beading, trim excess wire leaving just enough to make another closed loop.  This loop will compress the beads into place to you want it to be as close to and as tight as possible next to the last bead
  • Wrap around your wrist and wear out.

There are few variations you could do with this tutorial as well.

  • If you wanted a more finished look to the bracelet try adding a bit of glue to the inside of the end beads then slide them on.  After letting them dry you can cut the excess wire.
  • You can add charms to the open loops on either end

No matter how you finish them or what beads you decide to use, the end result will be amazing and I’d love to see them.  If you post your creations don’t forget to leave the  link in the comments and who knows…..maybe I’ll feature your design.


2 thoughts on “DIY Adjustable Wire Beaded Bangles – Round 2

  1. You have really inspired me! I also love Alex and Ani, and my daughter’s best friend made me a bracelet and now I am hooked! I am going to get the kids and us moms together for a bracelet making party maybe over Spring break! Thanks!


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