Color Me – Red Wine

Checked_Trousers-Burgundy_Jacket-Outfit-Street_Style-21_large london-purple

1359952952CUBAN_BOOTS_ASOS-OUTFIT-BURGUNDY-LEATHER_JACKET-BEANIE-STREET_STYLE-3 burgundy-street-style-3 tres_chic_street_style_bloggers_ed_4-2

After much light-hearted humiliation over my preference for sweet white wine, I’ve been pressured into dark.  Shiraz, Malbec and Pinot Noir have rolled off my tongue during my order and I can’t say that my friends were wrong. However no peer pressure was needed to convince me into my current love affair with the deep shade of red .  The moody, saturated hue has little sweetness yet oozes sophisticated chic with dash of sultry.  Plus, opting to don the shade instead of drinking it won’t stain my pearly whites.

Check out the short and sweet shopping list below to get your very own piece of the must have color this season.


Shopping List:



Shopping List:


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