Gifts In 60 Minutes Or Less – DIY Beaded Hairpins

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This is an older DIY from my previous blog that deserves a resurrection thanks to the impending holiday season.  Its super easy, pairs nicely with some amazing homemade packaging and is cute enough to work for your bridal parties, coworkers or best friends.  Check out the easy steps below and happy crafting.

Buy This:

  • 26 Gauge wire
  • Long bobby pins (grabbed mine from H&M)
  • Random small beads
  • Wire cutters/pliers

Do This:

  • Cut yourself a decent amount of wire (at least 12 inches)
  • Thread the wire through the bobby pin end and begin to wrap the wire around the whole pin itself and around each end. Now you have a closed off section for creating the bead cluster, a foundation for all the beads and it will keep them all from sliding off
  • Once you have a decent foundation commence the beading
  • After each bead re thread the wire back through the closed loop
  • Bead and re thread
  • Bead and re thread
  • Keep going and as the cluster begins to form re shape it as needed….
  • Got a cluster you feel proud of?  Great
  • Wrap the remaining wire around your cluster and through it to lock it in place (use your pliers to help pull the wire tight)
  • Once again wrap it around the base of your cluster just like you did in the beginning
  • Trim off excess
  • Now whip that hair into a bun and secure with your new hair baubles

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