Bra Burning


One trend to come out of Paris hits close to home for me simply by what it doesn’t require.  For years now I’ve found bras to be quite cumbersome.  They just can’t function in silence and when you have the perfect sheer paneled dress or slim strapped chiffon top, there’s nothing worse than a loud bra screaming look at me.  Now I understand many people need to wear them but for me, my motto is when in doubt opt out and its made my fashion life much easier.  So following in the footsteps of Miranda Kerr and (dare I say it…) Kim K, here’s 6 pieces you can safely wear without the $60 boob harness from Victoria Secrets.



The Shopping List

  1. Solace London Borealis Plunge Neck Column Maxi Dress
  2. For Love & Lemons Charming Halter Dress
  3. Cameo Neon Operator Deep-V Romper
  4. Olivia Open Back Textured White Bodycon Dress
  5. New Romantics Mount Azuma Knit Dress
  6. Finders Keepers By The Way Mesh-Insert Dress


Check out the links above and if for some reason you still want more ways to rock the bra-less look opt for an over-sized blazer buttoned with jeans and heels.  Its a classic spin on the sexy look and a better daytime alternative.



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