Cat Mania



No matter who you are and where you hail from, you know someone who would be considered at best BCCL…better known as Borderline Crazy Cat Lady.  It may be you, your mom, your sister-in-law or a coworker but nonetheless you know them.  Well apparently the trend gods have also become affected by this disorder of sorts and for Fall, cats have found their way onto your clothes, jewelry and, more relevant to this post, your home.  With the signs of BCCL or CCL being so apparent (more cat food on the grocery bill than food for yourself, tattered venetian blinds, lint rollers covered in cat hair, decorative water and food bowls from HomeGoods outside the door) I think this new trend offers up a chic and less offensive way to show off your love of the intelligent four legged creatures. Take a look at the cute options and shop away with the links at the end.


cat2 Collage








My only piece of decorating advice, stay away from the items made of cat hair……that’s just pushing it and a friend may stage an intervention.


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