Style Hijack 004


It never fails.

Everytime I am presented an opportunity to go out, I drive myself crazy pondering the age old question of what to wear.  To most men it reinforces their position that women are crazy and to a few women out there they agree.  And you know what..I agree. It is completely ludicrous to spend hours staring into a full closet complaining that there is nothing to wear yet as I said it never fails.

That’s why I plan on taking a cue from the perfectly styled gallerist above Megan Piper and opting for a pair of chic trousers, tank top and jacket.


You now have a go to recipe for style when you’re significant other or best friends are telling you this is ridiculous and just throw something on.  Before you scream and accidentally say something that could spoil the night entirely think

High-waisted trousers with impeccable fit


Sexy Cami or Tank Top


Cropped Jacket


Out of the door in 60 seconds or less making everyone happy and getting the party started an hour or two earlier



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