Fall Wedding Details





A little wedding inspiration to kick start the week.  After so much indecisiveness about the bouquets and centerpieces and most importantly the rising costs of both, I’ve successfully developed a plan of attack.  Enter the Sola flower, the pictures above and my new best friend.  These flowers are not only nontraditional (something I like to reach for), unique (another inner goal of mine), cost effective (my dad is beaming) and absolutely stunning.  Made from tapioca wood, these flowers offer up a rustic and eclectic feel that truly encompasses the vibe my fiance and I are going for.  Add to that my recent introduction to preserved Temari Rose heads and Ping Pong Mums and my whole floral wedding vision has come to life. Although many of the bouquets I’ve seen incorporating these ingredients tends to be on the perfectly round end of the spectrum,  I’m pretty sure I can still create the wild look I’ve been pining for.

As for the centerpieces check back tomorrow for the DIY that added the jet fuel to my inspiration and some more  stunning flower inspiration.


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