This Weekend’s DIY

nb-succulent_box-5 nb-succulent_box-1 nb-succulent_box-3 nb-succulent_box-4

I came across this amazing DIY yesterday while endlessly searching for centerpiece ideas and opted to allow myself one minor but amazing distraction.  I fell hard for this one and it’s eclectic vibe and hopefully you will too.  The creator is Kiana Underwood.  During the day she’s the owner of Tulipina, a San Francisco area floral design studio and by night she takes on the hat of editor/creative mind behind the blog Naked Bouquet. And now for the steps…

What you’ll need:

  • Succulents (You may have noticed that there is an African violet in the center of the box. I wanted to add something with a bit of contrasting color in the center of the garden. Other great choices would be begonia or kalanchoe (also a type of succulent)
  • Succulent soil (or other porous soil – important)
  • Plastic wrap
  • Glass box (get one here, here, and here)

How to Make the Succulent Jewelry Box

Line the bottom of the box with plastic wrap, and add the soil. This will help keep it from leaking when you mist (not pour) water on it. Add the succulents and flowering plant.

Cut succulents will do fine when replanted, but if taking them from existing pots, it is easy to pull them out of the soil and replant without cutting them

Continue adding until you are satisfied with the look of your garden



You got your list and the step by steps so what are you waiting for…



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