Ulyana Sergeenko Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2013

ulyana-sergeenko-haute-couture-spring-summer-2013-32 ulyana-sergeenko-haute-couture-spring-summer-2013-04 ulyana-sergeenko-haute-couture-spring-summer-2013-05 ulyana-sergeenko-haute-couture-spring-summer-2013-06 ulyana-sergeenko-haute-couture-spring-summer-2013-07 ulyana-sergeenko-haute-couture-spring-summer-2013-08 ulyana-sergeenko-haute-couture-spring-summer-2013-10 ulyana-sergeenko-haute-couture-spring-summer-2013-12 ulyana-sergeenko-haute-couture-spring-summer-2013-13 ulyana-sergeenko-haute-couture-spring-summer-2013-14 ulyana-sergeenko-haute-couture-spring-summer-2013-15 ulyana-sergeenko-haute-couture-spring-summer-2013-16 ulyana-sergeenko-haute-couture-spring-summer-2013-17 ulyana-sergeenko-haute-couture-spring-summer-2013-18 ulyana-sergeenko-haute-couture-spring-summer-2013-20 ulyana-sergeenko-haute-couture-spring-summer-2013-21 ulyana-sergeenko-haute-couture-spring-summer-2013-23 ulyana-sergeenko-haute-couture-spring-summer-2013-24 ulyana-sergeenko-haute-couture-spring-summer-2013-25 ulyana-sergeenko-haute-couture-spring-summer-2013-27 ulyana-sergeenko-haute-couture-spring-summer-2013-29 ulyana-sergeenko-haute-couture-spring-summer-2013-30 ulyana-sergeenko-haute-couture-spring-summer-2013-31


Needlepoint, raw silk edges, elegant straw hats and enough sex appeal to supply a lifetime.  That basically sums up the amazing collection by Ulyana Sergeenko.  Part of the Russian Fashion Pack and one of the emerging Russian fashion icons,Ulyana is known for her sense of style and museum worthy designer closet.  Taking what she knows, she’s presented a collection infusing some of the best details throughout fashion history, making them modern and wearable.  I mean, not many people think to wear a bustle but when created with luscious draped fabric and mixed with an open back, who wouldn’t want to rock one.  Flouncy sleeves with a slingshot holster are reminiscent of pirate garb and the printed fabric dresses could easily replace some of the dresses seen in Gone With The Wind. Despite the assumed weight due to the volume, every piece has an airy quality to it and the accessories inject a added dose of whimsy.  Because my life doesn’t really warrant the wearing of her exquisite gowns, I’m particularly fond of the needle point sunglasses and the soviet cartoon purses.

What do you think of the collection??


images found here


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