And for the record I am not referring to that horrible movie staring the beautiful Jessica Alba.  That one actually leaves a bitter taste in my mouth that can only be rid of with the help of  Adult Swim in large quantities.  I am however talking about the sweetener and the mildly irritating insects responsible for the delectable nectar.  Why you ask?  Well for one they are dying.


This was one of the worst winters for honey bees with a 30% mortality rate for most colonies.  And on a more ironic note honey happened to be one of the trending natural products for 2013 along side rice and kombucha at the the Natural Products Expo this past March in California. Now of course this positive news could be a result of foodies nationwide trying to help bee keepers recoup their losses or it could be a result of major market shifts towards natural sweeteners due to consumers growing awareness of what goes into their food.  Yet another reason could be the increasing popularity of tea.  Either way during my wedding journey, honey has sparked a bit of interest forcing me to Google endlessly and, of course, share.


You are now probably wondering how it injected itself  and I will start you off by answering your first question that no, I did not plan of handing out adorable jars of local honey at my wedding.   My interest was initially sparked as I began looking up the meaning of the endless list of wedding traditions.  Now that the decisions are actually being made and the dreaming is partially over, so many dos and don’ts are being thrown at me.  Some of them like keeping the wedding dress a surprise to the groom I instinctively follow without hesitation.  Another one that keeps slipping out my mouth is the age old “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” and no one in my circle has been able to explain it to me without  the need of an iPhone search that abruptly ends with a short “it doesn’t matter…blah blah blah…it is what it is and we follow it” kind of dismissal.

So slightly bored and intoxicated I went in search of some answers.  Hitting the jackpot with this site, not only were my questions answered about the traditional something old… mantra I also learned about why the garter was important (it was proof the wedding was consummated which has gotten so blurred today since it is removed openly without consumation), why the wedding party used to be important for (ummmm are you familiar with the “marriage by capture” era) and why it’s called a honeymoon.  And it is here that the relevance of this post comes into play.


Did you know that they whole naming of the relaxing period after a wedding really came from the period of time in which the couple would drink honey wine during one full moon cycle hence the term honeymoon?  And why on earth would they drink honey wine during this time?  Not only was honey considered the drink of Aphrodite, it was a looked upon as a gift given to mortals by the gods and it was said to be an aphrodisiac and aid in virility.  Now all of that reasoning should go without explanation but today we’ve taken away the beverage, forgotten about planning the wedding around the full moon cycle, have unfortunately been stripped of our 30 day vacation period and opted just to go to some exclusive and expensive resort without a TV. I happen to like the original idea much better than the current one.

Now I’m not gonna go down the route of bringing back all of these ancient traditions surrounding marriage because in no way shape or form will I be handing over my shoes to my dad who, according to tradition, owns me and allow him to pass said shoes to my fiance who will then tap me on the head with them solidifying his newly obtained control over me. Although this may explain slightly the importance of the bride’s shoes and although in some weirdly imbedded through history kind of nostalgia I may feel uncomfortably connected to this thought, I will be wearing my amazing shoes down the aisle on my feet.  However, and most likely tied to the fact that I do love a good drink and sweet wine, I may find a way to interject the honey wine into the whole shebang.

Side bonus. My participation could end up helping the honey bee crisis which by the way if it doesn’t get corrected could completely ruin your favorite berry and nut crops due to the lack of pollination.  Of course there is always government issued robot bees that could replace the real the ones….


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