Unconventional Graffiti



Most people have a problem with graffiti and in many cases I don’t blame them.  Random tagging on buildings can definitely bring down a neighborhoods property value but extremely talented artists do exist and their artwork can transform a park or city street into an open art gallery…..


Or, in this case, a city wide scavenger hunt.


Geode-Street-Art-Project-2 Geode-Street-Art-Project-18 Geode-Street-Art-Project-8


Last year, Artist Paige Smith of A Common Name took to the streets of LA with The Geode Street Art Project and transformed ordinary bricks and drain pipes into crystal infused pieces of art made from paper then painted.  “The finished shapes represent geodes, crystal, quartz, or any mineral formation that you would normally find in nature, now in our planned out cities. A parallel aspect of these “geodes” in nature and in the city is they are always unexpected treasures. You might go hunting for treasures but you generally happen upon them during your adventures or casual interaction with the environment.”


Geode-Street-Art-Project-24 Geode-Street-Art-Project-23 Geode-Street-Art-Project-25


Scattered all over, these small installations could easily be ignored by the busy commuters of the city but for those who took notice of their surrounding what a pleasant and unexpected surprise it was.  So much so that a few ended up walking away with their admirers.

Geode-Street-Art-Project-11 Geode-Street-Art-Project-4 Geode-Street-Art-Project-10 Geode-Street-Art-Project-1 Geode-Street-Art-Project-5


Despite being rather old on the current events radar,  I found this project to be inspiring and amazing.  It’s only for the individual who pays attention and stops to smell the roses once in a while.  Life can be extremely hectic and overwhelming but when you get a chance to turn it off its small things like this that can be discovered.


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