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So with the calming realization that although we don’t yet have a justice of the piece to perform our ceremony or have yet to obtain our marriage license we do in fact have a photographer, I’ve already jumped over some other pretty critical decisions and headed straight to the wedding album. I did my invitations myself (will post a DIY probably closer to the wedding) and figured I would just take apart some store bought album and reconfigure it to my liking.


Although I do love having pictures, I am not big on displaying them. Unlike my mom who devotes all her wall space to snapshots of the family, I would rather put up pictures of scenery than faces…unless of course its say Audrey Hepburn because her face is pretty awesome.  But anyways, thinking about having this traditional album filled with what will most likely amount to over $1000 (on another note..probably should have gone into photography) worth of photos is scary because I immediately think of it collecting dust in the linen closet.  I am looking for something that will lay with the best of my magazines and random coffee table books without looking out of place.  And fortunately after coming across an interesting pin a few days ago, I’ve found just the place to give me what I want.

Enter Artifact Uprising and their amazing photo books.

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Starting at just $69 for a hardcover book filled with some of the most precious memories I will have, how can say no to displaying them in such a fashion.


Not driving yourself crazy planning a wedding like me?  No worries. You can turn any collection of photos you have into something coffee table worthy.  They offer soft and hard cover books along with wood calendars and modern photo displays where they turn your uploaded images into weighted square photos with an elegant wood block holder. I can’t help but think outside the box as well with the soft cover book.  It comes in a few different sizes and would be perfect to show off your products if you make jewelry or clothing.  If you have store you could show off product not in store but available.  The possibilities are endless and I can’t wait to have one of my own.


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