Bohemian Dwellings



My past couple of weeks in a check list:

  • Wedding venue secured for intimate wedding – check
  • Invitations printed – check
  • Wedding dress paid for and picked up – check as of tomorrow
  • 2nd quarter visuals set completely at work – ehh..almost check
  • Invitations delivered – we’ll give it an almost check
  • Amazing birthday weekend get-a-way for the future hubby – check
  • Bridesmaids or no bridesmaids – check and yes bridesmaids
  • Wedding registries completed – check
  • Wedding colors decided – check (basically peach, pink, aqua & metallic with a whole lot of neutrals if that makes sense)
  • Flowers and centerpieces decided – another almost check on this one
  • Huge post-wedding reception planned for our family and friends – not even close


Its been pretty busy but things are finally coming together and I can actually see the finish line where as a couple months ago I was still in dream mode.  But enough about my constant to-do list and how about some refreshing abode inspiration for the bohemian princess in us all.  If you are unfamiliar with who exactly is Florence Welch then I highly recommend you stop right now and Google her.  If you are completely up to speed on the details then continue and take in her amazing new London home.

florence2 florence_welch_house_08_134356342149 florence-welch-house-02_134351782360 5-florence-welch-vogue-blog-inspire-bohemia decor-and-style-florence-welch-1 florence-welch-house-05_134354687129 florence-welch-house-07_134355529116


Chock full of one of kind pieces that only a newt would pass on because she couldn’t carry it, I am completely smitten with how effortless and elegant Florence’s eclectic home looks.  Its very easy to get carried away with vintage finds and including them all in your home can get a bit hoarder-ish and cluttered very quickly but somehow every single piece from the wall art to the tiny glass butterfly has found a home.  Featured in this month’s Vogue I couldn’t help but share after I came across it and thank god I did.  I was beginning to remember exactly why I stopped spending money on magazines.




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