Brass Tacks


Believe it or not the year is almost half over.  If you’re anything like me you still have a list of to-dos that will undoubtedly end up rolled over onto next years list but don’t let one of those be redecorating your abode. Sure the time for spring cleaning has come and gone.  Sure the chances of you catching that last trash pick up for everything that can’t fit into your garbage can is slim to none.  But remember it’s not summer yet and the city dump is always open.  Plus, once the weather really breaks you’re gonna want people over and right now you don’t even want take notice of your surroundings so how in the world can you ask someone else too.

Is your energy renewed?  Great lets talk about a decor trend that just won’t go away and that we still love.  Stemming from the Neoclassical and Hollywood Regency decor trends, made extremely popular by the amazing Kelley Wearstler and extremely easy to get into,  let me introduce you too brass and congrats on meeting your new best friend.


Now in no way shape or form am I suggesting a full home rehab but with a dash of metal and a pop of color you will be amazed at the transformation.  But the main reason why I like this trend is its accessibility.  Every thrift store has a ton of unique conversation starting pieces dipped in the metal. Before heading right home tonight take a detour to a couple of stores and see what you come up with.  If roaming your local Salvation Army turns up nothing worthy than have no fear.  I’ve scoured the internet (well actually Etsy…I mean who can ever get bored with Etsy) and uncovered some unique pieces any shelf/coffee table/bookcase/bedroom could use.  Plus after checking out the cool finds on Kelley’s site even the expensive pair of lamps for over $300 on Etsy seems like a bargain. Seriously…

So click around, get inspired and Happy Shopping!!














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