DIY Faux Malachite Home Decor



We all know emerald green is the color of the year for 2013 but why not also bring your lovely abode up to speed.  Sure you can simply head to HomeGoods and grab some green throw pillows or pick up some expensive coffee table from that boutique furniture spot you love so much but instead why not try being productive on your next day off and have a little DIY fun.

I came across an amazing faux malachite DIY technique the other day and thought it would be the perfect way to inject a bit of the fashionable color into any home on any piece whether its a pair of vintage chairs or a super inexpensive lamp. The concept is pretty simple.  Start off with a simple base color either white or a pale green.  Once that coat is dry you take your dark green top coat, lay it on somewhat thick and, using a broken piece of cardboard for texture, create overlapping swirl patterns.  It would probably be best to practice your technique a bit before you work on the main piece but once you got it go ahead and malachite away.

malachite2 malachite4 malachite3


Check out the full step by step HERE where she transformed a set of ordinary storage boxes into beautiful conversation pieces and happy DIYing.


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