DIY DSQUARED2 Vintage Brooch Cuff Bracelet

nbaubles 400

Once again we find ourselves stuck in the middle of a statement piece season.  Whether you’re toting around the latest Celine bag or letting a bit of jeweled metal decorate your ears, everyone is in a rush to snag something loud to wear with Spring’s minimalistic trends. And because we are all still adding to our arm party arsenal, it only seemed right to start with the amazing rhinestone cuff bracelet from DSQUARED2.

Enter Inspiration


I have a box full vintage brooches I’ve picked up along away and as soon as I saw this bracelet I knew a DIY existed.

nbaubles 359

B U Y  T H I S :

  • Heavy duty pliers
  • Vintage brooch
  • Sanding block
  • E6000
  • Basic cuff bracelet (H&M sold a pair for $10 last year in case you stocked up, otherwise you beading/craft store should have some great options for you)

N O W  D O  T H I S :

  • As I said this DIY is pretty easy.  First thing you want to do is remove the pin backing from your brooch by unfastening the pin and using the pliers to bend each end back and forth until it snaps off.

nbaubles 365 nbaubles 367

  • After the pieces are off, you may find it necessary to sand down any rough or sharp points on the back.  You want it to be a flat as possible but grooves will help the adhesive work so go ahead and file away until you have some really good points of contact with the cuff bracelet base.
  • Now add a few dollops of glue and position your brooch.

nbaubles 368 nbaubles 369

  • I would suggest letting it set overnight before you wear and make sure that it is level while its drying.  It may require fashioning something to hold it out of magazines and lipsticks but it will be worth it when you focal point is perfectly centered.

nbaubles 404 nbaubles 405 nbaubles 400

24 hours later and you have the perfect accessory to rock with that one shoulder, ruffle top from Isabel Marant and a pair of skinny jeans.


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