The Covet List 005



The other day I found myself weeding black and white vinyl squares at work.  I had to create a sign for a cookware set up and decided to mimic the checkerboard tile patten that I laid on the floor.  When I stepped back to look at it all together, I instantly realized why so many people opt to used the color combo in their kitchens.  Its creates a simple and modern space that doesn’t add any extra fuss when you’re wrist deep in making meatloaf or struggling to keep your caramel from burning. Take a step back and look at the pattern in its most basic form and you are left with a mesmerizing geometric design that is so malleable it can work with any color combination in any style room from modern to rustic in any size.  The checkerboard design is truly perfect.

But Louis Vuitton took it two steps forward by taking perfection and making it divine with their Spring 2013 Collection.  Using the simplicity of repeating squares as their base, they used standard issue black and white, soft yellow, nude and the popular kid in fashion school, transparency,  to create a retro but modern mix of dresses, jumpsuits and crop tops.  I loved this collection and just in case you’re not fully converted on the graphic dynamic of the pieces, how about a quirky video showing it off?

Thought that might interest…


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