Happy In A Bottle

TWINPEAKS01 happiness-factory-02 happiness-factory-06 happiness-factory-08 happiness-factory-01 happiness-factory-07 happiness-factory-05

So you survived Monday. It wasn’t easy and your job/family/friends/dog/cat/children (you get the picture) didn’t help either.  Well it could have gone a hell of a lot smoother if you had ordered your own personal bottle of happiness.

Enter H P N S Factory and their happiness brewery project.  All you have to do is take a second or two and think about your happiest moment. Got it? Good, hold on to it in your head.  Open up the gmail and describe that moment in an email.  Feel good about your recollection? Awesome. Now send that over to the folks at Cargo Collective and wait to hear back from them.  The brewers will take your special moment in time and turn it into a delicious ale that will blow away any Monday blues.


Check out the website here  for information and if you already have your moment hit them up at happinessisabeginning@gmail.com.


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