Primal Instinct

Rick-Owens-Furniture-09 Rick-Owens-Furniture-06 Rick-Owens-Furniture-04 Rick-Owens-Furniture-08 Rick-Owens-Furniture-07 Rick-Owens-Furniture-02 Rick-Owens-Furniture-10 Rick-Owens-Furniture-03 Rick-Owens-Furniture-05 Rick-Owens-Furniture-11

As if Rick Owens didn’t already satisfy our need for luxurious and wicked minimalism with his clothing, he just had to update his resume with a collection of rugged, primal, sleek and sexy furniture worth its weight in Tiffany stamped platinum.  From the eclectic addition of antlers(which I love by the way) to the unexpected warmth given off through the use of materials like alabaster, these pieces are more than just functional and lean heavy towards the art category.

Oh and if you get the bed…don’t pass up on the fur comforter….it’s a match made in heaven.


Images courtesy of Rick Owens


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