Style Hijack 003


I know, I know…you’re probably incredibly tired of hearing how amazing these Celine bags are and you may have just run out of patience when it comes to seeing the fashionable rock one of the many color variations.  However I am writing you today because I too am in the same boat.  I too love the bag and I too do not have the necessary funds to drop over two large on bag that I will inevitably mark, tear, throw, drag, stain or a put through a healthy combination of all five.  Instead I’ve spent some time looking for a realistic alternative that is absolutely authentic (no fakes below I promise) and of good quality.  Take a look at my options below, click away and hopefully you find one that will tickle at least half the fancy the beloved phantom does.


For the Cabas Phantom Lover:


For the Cabas Lover


For the Phantom Lover


For the Luggage Lover


For the Soft Trio Rolled Lover:


For the All Soft Lover


For the Trapeze Lover


For the Soft Trio Lover:

Happy Shopping!!!


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