Bridal Bliss

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I’ve probably mentioned this before either on this blog or one of my others but the easiest part about wedding planning is finding the dress.  And even after you’ve found the one you can’t stop admiring every other single white/cream/ivory gown you come across.  As is the case with me and my new found bridal obsession Kelsey Genna. Her creations are imaginative, distinct and breath taking.

A New Zealand based company, Kelsey started her label after graduating with her B.A. in Fashion Merchandising at the age of 18 and found her place within the bridal industry in 2012.  With a love of nature and flowers, Kelsey uses these to create stunning and unique dresses.  What was most important to me when searching for my dress was not feeling like a bride.  I did not want to walk down the aisle in a popular style because my personality would not match.  Although I came across Sarah Seven and fell in love, had Kelsey’s designs been discovered a few months earlier I may have had a tough decision.

Getting married or have a friend who is?  Definitely make it a point to check out her collection on Etsy here and don’t forget to stop by her site here for more information on the genius behind the beauty.




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