Meet Me In North Africa

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While on vaca, my best friend and I spent some much needed time together after what felt like a lifetime of not hanging out.  Somehow we ended up at HomeGoods and from what I can see one obvious trend in home decor right now is North African inspired accents.  From the patina metals to the rich shades of red and oranges to the glimmering mirrored accents, this inspiring trend is a favorite of mine and leaving the Marrakesh department was quite difficult.  Although you won’t walk into our apartment and feel transported into another world, I’d love to incorporate some of these elements into our space.

Loving all the vibrant colors?  Want to relax in your own personal Marrakesh with a cup of hot mint tea?  Well check out the links below to see what cool finds you can snag and happy shopping…

Oh and no I will spare you links to Argan oil hair products.  Its not the only thing authentic you can get from Morocco.

Plates and Dishes

Decorative Accents


Furniture and Rugs


Sips and Spices

* indicates item was made in North Africa

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