Is It Worth It Now

If you’ve worked even a week in retail I am pretty sure you’ve come across the question “Well is it made in China…”  I can’t tell you how many times I heard it and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to roll my eyes.  Although there is a secret door somewhere within my mind that only opens during a certain level of intoxication in which a flood of fashion information is let loose but not always understood depending on said level of intoxication, the one blaring piece of information I walked away with after receiving my degree in Fashion Merchandising was deception is everything and when dealing with manufacturing this is one piece of the puzzle that rings louder than any other.

Not only did I learn that the last stop on the manufacturing train can be considered the manufacturing country allowing a company to stamp it with a “Made In…” label no matter how incorrect it may be but many manufacturers in countless countries are actually owned by a completely different country.  In fact many apparel manufacturers, specifically denim, here in the U.S. are actually Korean owned.  I also learned that the manufacturers only produce what they are told to.  They work within the budgets set by the company so if competitive prices are what the company wants, lesser materials are what they get.

This tidbit of knowledge taught me that the value in anything is truly perceived and when a customer gets mad at a country for less than superior quality they should really get mad at the company for allowing it.  But these scenarios usually deal with cookware, sheets and Martha Stewart.  I wonder how those same customers would feel if they knew that $2000 handbag or fine linens were actually made from the same manufacturing giant they’ve come to hate and not that luxurious one.

That’s right ladies, instead of circumventing trade and manufacturing laws to avoid the unjust stigma of a “Made in China” tag, China has opted to just outright buy the production facilities in Italy which for some completely tarnishes the value.  Check out the article below for the scoop but as for me, call me jaded and if I like that supple leather bag or amazing snakeskin peep toe booties, nothing will stop me from making them my own………well, nothing except my wallet that is.


Are you left feeling slighted or do you rise above the garment tags and purchase merely on instant attraction??




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