After Thought


I can’t say that I ever pay much attention to the lobby stores in hotels.  Usually they get lumped into the “overpriced… only if its an emergency” category and I try to avoid them at any cost just so I don’t feel cheated on spending triple the cost for a pack of batteries. While in Boston, my route from the train to class would lead me pass a couple of spots with very enticing hotel stores but I never walked in or spent the night.  With that said, being drawn to visit a hotel merely on their store is quite out of the ordinary for me but precisely the predicament I’ve found myself in.



Enter The Ace Hotel in NYC.




A unique take on the traditional home away from home,  The Ace brings together modern design with a bohemian spirit making it the cool spot for NYC visitors.  Outside of the decor, the hotel also offers up a bar and of course the store. But how exactly, having never stepped foot in the joint did I know about the best hotel shop around.  Why because its online. I can’t quite remember what exactly I was searching for at the time but the site popped up and I fell in love. Take a look below at some of my favorites and be prepared to expect much more the next time you step into a Hilton……..much, much more.


Ace Hotel NYC Shopping

  1. Ace Midtown x Pendleton Blanket $119
  2. Ace Hotel x Tanner Goods Record Tote $275
  3. Painted Rock Tee $27
  4. Pearl + Soap Set $12
  5. Area Code Pin $7
  6. Araks for Ace NYC Lilly Teddy $220
  7. Incase Duffle Bag $225
  8. Number (N)ine x Ace Key Hook $87.50
  9. Borstal Shoe $54


Oh and did I mention they aren’t just located in the great NYC.  If you can’t make it to the Big Apple maybe one of their locations in Palm Springs, Seattle or Portland would be better.


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