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Finally you and your ubiquitous bar cart can find everlasting love through the creation of $10 tip worthy mixed drinks.  Post Prohibitions, a Baltimore based company bringing back the elegance of prohibition era bars and the art of a well crafted drink, recently popped up in one of my many Google searches while trying to figure out exactly what to gift my coworkers after a whirlwind holiday season.  A lover of DIYs and in need of stiff drink, I came across a variety of tutorials for infused spirits but none captured my attention the way this site did (….sorry Martha S).  Maybe it was the tone of the author or the authentic feel to the site, either way I fell in love and began nosing around to see what else it had to offer.


Suze Gentiane Liqueur – a bitter aperitif


Not only did I learn what  bitters were (a sort of cocktail seasoning) and how to make my own, I learned a handful of amazing recipes that would surely put my own bar cart (although currently imaginary) to good use and impress just about any guest.

So what’s my favorite recipe on the site?  It would have to be the Vieux Carre. Created in the 1930’s at the Monteleone Hotel in New Orleans and named after the French Quarter, this drink would be described as potent but smooth. With its mixture of sweet vermouth, rye whiskey and cognac I am sure its the perfect drink to round out a long week or toast to the start of a new one. And slightly off topic but I happen to love Jim Tom’s moonshine song and the fact that this recipe would allow me to sing it aloud while making it kinda swayed my decision…just saying.

Vieux Carre

As for the holiday gifts, I never made them.  Before I could regain my composure from the holiday madness it was already 2013 and the idea was canned then stored for the another time.  Luckily I saved the site and can reference it for an this weekends Birthday/Super Bowl party being thrown for a handful of friends and family.

And just in case you’re not familiar with that particular Jim Tom song……


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